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In July 2020, I participated in an Innovation Olympic promoted by IXL and the Global Innovation Management Institute - GIMI. We were responsible for the research and development of innovative ideas for the Post Pandemic World.

Project Duration: 5 weeks.

My role: UX Researcher.


Make individual protection that is more friendly, inclusive, comfortable, and easy to use.


A smart air mask that is friendly, sustainable, and protects individuals and the collective.


We started conducting field research to understand the market and identify global industry trends.

Outdoor air pollution kills more than 3 million people across the world every year, and causes health problems from asthma to heart disease for many more. This is costing societies very large amounts in terms of the value of lives lost and ill health. OECD

Key Insights

We gathered through secondary research concepts and values emerging from the COVID-19 crisis. We wanted to understand the users needs for the next few years that could generate high income for companies.

  1. Planning and prevention
  2. Consumption awareness
  3. Reconnect with those you love
  4. Planet and society first


Our group did a brainstorming session to come up with initial concepts. In this session, we could debate themes and generate insights. What stood out in our conversation was that health care, sanitation, and sustainability could be interesting topics for companies to focus on the next few years.


We followed the GIMI methodology to come up with the themes and insights that resulted in the final product.


SAM - A mask without being a mask

Smart Air Mask Design

  • Individual protection - Filters & UV and purified inhalation
  • Collective protection - Disinfected exhalation
  • Health sensors - oxygenation, temperature
  • Value added - Headphones, hearing protection and smart glass
  • Sustainable - no disposable
  • Friendly & Smart
  • Monitoring Pollutants


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Business case presentation (in English):

Business case - all teams presentation

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